Ninja 1.5.4 by Dani Guardiola by Dani Guardiola Welcome! Changes Help

Play with advanced controls and keyboard shortcuts!

Play like an MLG pro m8 and get to the top of the ranking.

Move - WASD and arrows
Split - O and left click
Shoot mass - P and right click
Enable / disable mouse - Space
Toggle options - C, V, B, N and M keys

/* NOTES *\
- When splitting or shooting using the O and P keys, it will aim to the direction your are moving.
- When using the mouse buttons, it will aim to the cursor position.

Supports ANY agario client including:
- Anyone, really! ;)

Move your bubble with the WASD keys
Use the O key or left click to split
Use the P key or right click to shoot mass
When using the mouse to split and shoot, you'll aim to the position of the cursor.

When using the O and P keys, you'll aim to the direction of your movement.

Added promo
Added a nice logotype

Added help message

The scope cursor will turn white when dark mode is activated

Now it will remember the on or off state

Added keyboard controls for the options:
- M show mass
- N no names
- B dark theme
- V no colors
- C no skins

Added arrow key support
Added riffle scope cursor
Performance improvements

Added switch to enable / disable the extension

Space toggles WASD too (or WASD or mouse but not both at once)

Fixed bug where the cell moved at the start

Improved stopping time
Performance improvements

Changed layout to WASD
O and left click to split
P and right click to shoot mass
Space to enable / disable mouse control
Now supports ANY agario client

Removed easter egg
Click to enable mouse control, press an arrow key to disable again (suggested feature)

Added support for (it already had support for and

Fixed diagonal movement

Initial release!

How does it work?
With the extension installed, just use the arrow keys and it should work.

How do I disable it?
Use the switch available in the game itself.

Will it support WASD?
It does now! :)